Bay Area Naturopathic
and Integrative Health Care

Naturopathic doctors are more than just primary care physicians; we are health coaches, mentors, and guides helping to facilitate each patient's individual journey towards optimal health. We are also experts in progressive integrative medicine and natural, holistic healing modalities. It is my personal and professional mission to help you realize and manifest your deep inner potential for healing. I am committed to competent and compassionate healthcare using the latest advances in modern western medicine blended with the wisdom and power of natural therapies.

Upcoming Events

7 Day Body Cleanse Detox May 19th - 26th at Clear Center of Health in Mill Valley and at Yoga of Sausalito with Laura Christensen 

Detox program includes medicinal detoxification supplement package, comprehensive detoxification dietary program manual, and two group classes scheduled May 19th and May 26th. Please contact Dr. Tenney for more information and to reserve a space.



Clear Center of Health
125 Throckmorton
Mill Valley, CA 94941(map)
P: 415.388.5520

"Thanks for your great coaching through this process! I feel and look great! Best ever as an adult and I've accomplished a level of fitness that I've never been able to even with a ton of training."
– John L. on the HCG Weight Loss Program