New Patients

Initial Visit 
The initial visit includes a detailed consultation, review of your case, and comprehensive wellness plan. Your wellness plan may include any number of the following: laboratory testing and interpretation, dietary protocols, vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, natural hormone therapy, detoxification or counseling. Cost of natural medicines or labs are not included.

Laboratory Assessment
Please bring a copy of any recent medical laboratory tests to your first visit. Dr. Tenney may recommend additional functional lab tests be performed, such as:

  • Hormone or Neurotransmitter Assessment
  • Digestive and Stool Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Additional Medical Laboratory Testing

Please contact the office for new patient forms to complete before your first visit*. Please remember to bring the completed forms as well as a copy of your most recent medical laboratory tests, if applicable. 

*Please complete forms and return them via fax, email or post before the date of your first appointment.

Follow-Up Visits

A follow-up visit is typically 3-6 weeks after the initial visit, at which time any new lab results will be reviewed, the patient's progress is checked, and the protocol is fine-tuned. Further visits will be recommended according to each individual's needs.

Special Visit Types

Follow-up Phone Consult
Follow-up phone consultations are an option to accommodate busy schedules or people who live outside of the Bay area. An initial visit in person is required first.

IV Therapy 
This therapy is used to treat acute and chronic health conditions, as well as replenish depleted levels of essential nutrients, especially B vitamins. IV therapy is a powerful treatment for a wide range of conditions including viral infections, immune dysfunction and cancer support. Treatments are usually recommended in a series with frequency determined on condition and severity.

Annual Well Woman Exam and Pap 
This is a wellness visit, which includes a comprehensive physical exam and pap collection, as well as a complete consultation and evaluation of any current gynecological concerns.

Introductory Consultation (10 min) Complimentary
Schedule an introductory visit to learn more about services offered and meet Dr. Tenney. This is an optional service and is not required to schedule a visit. Please note, no specific recommendations will be made at this time.

Weight Loss and Detoxification Programs
These programs include initial consultation and evaluation to determine health and weight goals as well as any contraindications to the plan. Follow up visits are determined by program, goals and current health status.


Payment is due at the time of the visit. Cash, checks, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted. 

Insurance Coverage
If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account), Naturopathic consultations and prescribed supplements are allowable, tax-free expenditures. Health Savings Accounts are a new option for health insurance and they have two parts. The first part is a health insurance policy that covers large hospital bills. The second part of the Health Savings Account is an investment account or retirement account from which you can withdraw money tax-free for medical care. Unused money accumulates with tax-free interest until retirement, when you can withdraw for any purpose and pay normal income taxes. We strongly urge you to look into an HSA as an alternative insurance choice. To find out more, please go to www.hsainsider.com.

Currently, most insurance companies and HMO's in California do not cover Naturopathic services. Please check with your insurance provider.

Flexible Spending programs also allow for Naturopathic health care deductions. Check with your plan administrators. We recommend that everyone ask their insurance providers to allow coverage for natural healthcare expenses